• On a Mission to positively Impact 1 Million Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

  • Helping 6-figure businesses scale to a 7-figure business

  • Bachelor's Degree from Manipal University

  • Master's Degree from University of Illinois at Chicago

  • Built a Race-car at the age of 21

  • Lived in Hyderabad, Chicago, Detroit, Indianapolis, Milwaukee & Minneapolis

  • Currently based in the San Francisco Bay Area


Business Coaching

To scale your 6 figure B2C business into a 7 figure business by identifying the bottlenecks and blind-spots, and automating the operations using systems and processes


Outsource your digital marketing & IT services to India to get high quality & cost-effective solutions

Power Connections

Get access to the wide range of leading business owners and entrepreneurs all across the globe to help you in taking your business to the next level. All you need is one right connection to fast track your success!

Indian In USA

I grew up in Hyderabad, India and I'm currently based in the San Francisco Bay Area, in USA. I understand the USA and Indian Markets best and I play a key role in forming strategic business partnerships between these two countries



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